Suggestions for an increasingly quaffable Summer

Premier Cru Online Wine Shop

Suggestions for an increasingly quaffable Summer

It feels like life is very gradually returning to a ‘new’ normal. The last months have been tough on everyone. It’s been especially tough on the hospitality industry, which was one of the last to return after lockdown and is still badly affected by social distancing restrictions.

At Premier Cru,  modus operandi had to change. We created a local delivery service that was very well received by house-bound wine lovers during the early months. This service is still available if you’re in our vicinity and will continue to be so going forward.

The biggest change we’ve made to our business is the addition of The Premier Cru Online Wine Shop. It’s an investment in our future designed to support local fine wine lovers. Driven by a significant change of mindset, which we are discussing with clients on a daily basis, there is a groundswell of support for the local business community that has suffered so badly. Check it out, it is real #supportlocal

It never ceases to amaze how, when faced with adversity, creative business owners find a way to get through. To exist. To find a new normal. And, hopefully, to thrive in the face of said adversity.

The Premier Cru Online Wine Shop

So, with that said, we’d love to welcome you as a new customer to the new The Premier Cru Online Wine Shop. We have a great selection of independent wines. We’ve tasted them all (not solely during lockdown), so, we can vouch for their quality. And provide them to you at a fraction of the cost you’d find them in bars or restaurants. Our wide selection of restaurant quality, independent wines from our wholesale cellars are now available for public consumption.

We’ll lead with these two beauties from Soldier’s Block, Victoria in Australia. You’d have to go a long way to find two such good wines for under £7. We have many options in this bracket as well as more fine wines moving up the price range.

Check them out. You will not be disappointed.


We’ll be back soon with more suggestions for an increasingly quaffable summer.

Premier Cru Fine Wines

Soldiers Block Shiraz, Australia

Soldier’s Block Shiraz

Bright, aromatic and juicy on the nose with just a touch of naughty bacon fat. True to the varietal, the tiny proportion of Malbec in this blend gives a flowery perfume. This vintage is our brightest, most dangerously drinkable Shiraz to date due to its fine, bright fruit and soft silky elegance.

Find out more and buy Soldier’s Block Shiraz

Soldiers Block Chardonnay

Soldier’s Block Chardonnay

This vibrant Chardonnay exhibits lifted fruit character, bright tangerine fleshiness, textural mouthfeel, a bright palate and a long and foodie finish. The judicious blend of oaked Chardonnay adds palate weight and texture without overwhelming the fruit.

Find out more and buy Soldier’s Block Chardonnay


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