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by / Friday, 07 August 2015 / Published in NEWS & EVENTS

Premier Cru Fine Wine is expanding!










We are proud to announce our continued product improvement to give our customers more than just a local wine shop. We are constantly looking to be unique and the one stop shop for all alcoholic retail needs. Whether you need gifts or items for yourself we now have the largest selection of boutique wines, spirits and craft beers all under one roof in the area.


So what’s new?


Konik’s Tail vodka: A craft small batch Polish vodka hand made using Rye, Wheat and Spelt grains. Created by vodka industry legend Pleurat Shabani it is creamy, spicy and the most perfect Martini base spirit.

Diplomatico Rum: We currently stock the Exclusiva Reserva & the Vintage 2000. These rums are nationally recognised for their quality and taste. For rum lovers, this is a must have.

Nikka Whisky: You asked for it and we delivered. Premier Cru brings Japanese whisky to our growing portfolio. Currently we have in stock the Coffey Malt. Its biscuity and lush.

Cocchi Vermouth: Possibly one of the most sought after vermouth’s currently in the bartending world, this product rightly so has its place on our shelves. Made from Asti wine, our three products Americano, Americano Rosa and Vermouth di Torino  are a perfect Aperitif to any meal or social gathering.

Michters American Whisky: Brand new into the UK and not available anywhere locally outside of Leeds, these special whisky’s are a must have for any enthusiast. We currently stock the Bourbon and Sour Mash.

AE Dor: As far as boutique products go, the house of AE Dor for Cognac is like no other. Incredibly buttery and smoky flavours coupled with the distinct richness of the quintessential Cognacs from the region. This is single estate at its finest.

Darroze Armagnac: Cognac’s next door neighbour regionally but very different in flavour and taste, this small estate Armagnac is truly something to behold.

Craft Beer: We have an eclectic range of craft beers from all over the country and internationally. Breweries such as Beavertown, Brew by Numbers, Partizan and Tempest are all featured here.